IQPC is the smart choice


IQPC have been servicing computers of all kinds for more than 20 years.

Our customers include people at home and a variety of businesses around the Perth metropolitan area.

We know that when your computer stops working, your life or your business can stop working.

It’s why IQPC is a lifeline when you’re offline. 

Home services

We’ll get your desktop or portable computers performing like a dream through a regular maintenance service or general troubleshooting advice.

Business IT services

Our comprehensive IT support for businesses includes network administration, cloud solutions, security services, and custom-built desktop computers and servers.

Refresh your computers


Just like your car, your desktop or portable computers need an occasional service.

Our Refresh service is a comprehensive clean-up of your computer to improve overall performance and security.

Your Refresh service costs $132 and includes:

  • Malware and adware check and removal
  • File clean up
  • Browser reset and test
  • Removal of unwanted programs
  • Optimise start up programs
  • Operating System update
  • Antivirus check
Turbo boost your computer


We know how to get your machine ‘back to normal’.

But if you want to see it perform like never before, you should book it in for a Turbo Boost.

Your Turbo Boost costs $198 and includes:

  • Hard drive check
  • Reload of operating system, drivers and updates
  • Reload of office and antivirus software
  • Backup and restoration of main user files
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