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Computers and digital devices have changed the world.

They’ve changed our lives too.

And we really notice how much they’ve changed our lives when they’re not working!

Running slow, not connecting to the internet, infected with a virus...plenty of things can go wrong in a digital world.

That’s why people call IQPC – we’re your lifeline when you’re offline.

Common IT Support services


At IQPC we reckon we can solve any computer problems. Here are some common ones:
Refresh your computers


Just like your car, your desktop or portable computers need an occasional service.

Our Refresh service is a comprehensive clean-up of your computer to improve overall performance and security.

Your Refresh service costs $132 and includes:

  • Malware and adware check and removal
  • File clean up
  • Browser reset and test
  • Removal of unwanted programs
  • Optimise start up programs
  • Operating System update
  • Antivirus check
Turbo boost your computer


We know how to get your machine ‘back to normal’.

But if you want to see it perform like never before, you should book it in for a Turbo Boost.

Your Turbo Boost costs $198 and includes:

  • Hard drive check
  • Reload of operating system, drivers and updates
  • Reload of office and antivirus software
  • Backup and restoration of main user files
Client Feedback
“It was a pleasure to have James come out. He was very helpful and pleasant…and he can even handle all the noise my kids make!”
Ivanka J.

“All fixed! Thanks again for your fast response to our emergency call-out. Glenn was lovely!”
Lorraine H.
Burns-Howlett Consultancy

“My computer is working fine now. You provide good service and I will pass your name on. Toby was really marvellous!”
William S.

“I would like to pass on a compliment for Toby who did a fantastic job. He is a breath of fresh air and I appreciated his great technical abilities and his friendly and helpful manner. Not only did he install my computer and all its bits and pieces but he also set up my study in a much more efficient manner. It certainly needed his touch to make it a more efficient workspace.”
Marie M.
Wembley Downs

More customer feedback
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