Business Phone Systems Perth

If you’re looking to set up a new business phone system or even upgrade an outdated one, IQPC are the IT consultants you can trust in Perth to get the job done. Despite the advancement of technologies, your office phone system remains a key means of communication for your business when it comes to contacting clients and stakeholders. At IQPC, we’re a 3CX partner and advanced certified engineer, setting up and managing sophisticated VoIP phone systems. The beauty of advanced phone systems is that they are no longer tied to a physical office location, which means extensions can be anywhere, they can even be an app on your mobile phone.

3CX Silver Partner

Office Phone System Setup & Support

At IQPC, we specialise in 3CX phone systems. We can assist with setting up your business phone system as well as provide ongoing support to ensure your system is always running optimally to avoid downtime and reduced productivity.

There are plenty of advantages to installing a 3CX business phone system in your office. These include:

  • Easy to setup and manage: Experience minimal downtime, a quick setup, and a smooth transition.
  • Cost-effective: With affordable licensing structures, you can save up to 80% on your current line charges.
  • Premises or cloud installation: We can install your 3CX system on a physical or virtual infrastructure all tailored to your needs.
  • Fantastic ability to integrate: Plugins allow you to provide a live chat & talk function on your website as well as host virtual meetings with an integrated video conferencing solution.

Why Use IQPC?

When it comes to your business’ phone system, you need an IT specialist; telcos are not the answer anymore! Using an IT specialist that knows the ins and outs of your needs ensures your phone systems are correctly installed and operating optimally at all times. At IQPC, you receive a wealth of knowledge from a team of local experts in Perth who have worked with many different office phone systems and have a long history of fixing all types of telco-related issues. We’ll come up with solutions to fix issues or inefficiencies while your team can get on with their job.

Contact Us for Your Business Phone System Setup Today

If you’re looking to upgrade or install a new business phone system for your office, IQPC are the experts in Perth who can help. Our highly experienced IT technicians have a wealth of knowledge with the 3CX business phone systems and can provide ongoing support to guarantee peak performance all year round.

Get in touch with us on (08) 9242 4483 to speak with our team about our office phone system services today.