Building Industry

Providing support for our clients in the building industry that is reliable and timely is of great importance to us. Our clients in this field are busy, often on the road and in multiple locations, so it’s important we can provide any number of solutions to them that fit any situation that may have. Whether support is required on site or via our help desk, we are available to help you solve any IT related issues you are faced with.

Reliable IT systems with minimal disruptions across multiple offices and onsite locations are of utmost importance, so IQPC’s customised solutions will reflect the intricacies of your industry and requirements. We appreciate how important it is to avoid any downtime or delays across your projects.

For more specific examples of how IQPC have customised industry specific solutions for our clients, please refer to our case studies:

It is imperative for your business to have:

  • Durable hardware across multiple sites
  • Effective communication systems
  • Ample storage
  • Compatible equipment for industry specific software
  • Security of intellectual property

And IQPC will provide:

  • Fast response times
  • Software compatibility
  • Local Perth IT support
  • Reliable IT with exceptional service
  • Out of hours emergency support
  • Remote monitoring of IT systems