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We optimise IT systems to support remote and multi-site working for the mining and construction sector. Our expert IT specialists work within your unique requirements to improve efficiency and productivity in your fast-paced industry.

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Providing expert support that is reliable and timely, for our clients in the mining and construction industry, is of particular importance to us. Whether support is required remotely or onsite you can count on us to solve your IT issue.

New technologies continue to emerge to support these sectors and IQPC takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest tech innovations so we can deliver the best solutions for clients. If we don’t have the immediate answer, we will do the research to find out.

Better IT means better productivity

Work Efficiently With Minimal Disruptions

Working across multiple offices and onsite locations with reliable IT systems, that functions consistently, is highly important. We appreciate how important it is to avoid any downtime or delays across your projects. IQPC’s customised solutions and support reflect the complexities of the mining and construction industry by making sure you have:

  • Durable hardware across multiple sites and departments.
  • Effective communication systems.
  • Ample storage.
  • Compatible equipment for industry specific software.

How IQPC Can Help You

Fast response times

Software compatibility

Local Perth IT support

Reliable IT with exceptional service

Out of hours emergency support

Remote monitoring of IT systems

Fast response times

Software compatibility

Local Perth IT support

Reliable IT with exceptional service

Out of hours emergency support

Remote monitoring of IT systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assist with setting up and managing our IT infrastructure on construction sites and offices?

Yes, we can! IQPC have many clients in the building and construction industry, who have multiple sites that need to mobilise and demobilise on a regular basis. Our IT Support Engineers are fully experienced in this type of work that they can carry out efficiently and effectively.

Where necessary, our team are certified to enter construction sites to offer support where required.

Can you assist with implementing cloud-based solutions for document management and collaboration?

IQPC will assist in setting up document control and document management systems for our clients, to aid in efficient working practices.

We can recommend solutions to specifically suit your requirements or can work with an existing structure.

How quickly can we expect a response and resolution for IT support issues?

We are always contactable to assist with any questions or issues you may be experiencing. For issues or requests that you report to us, we will respond within one hour. We will evaluate the severity and impact of the issue and schedule the job accordingly.

Our individual response times are covered in our service agreements, so you can be confident that your urgent issues will always be handled quickly and efficiently.

Can you help me securely protect my organisation's data?

Our IT security solutions are backed by 30 years of experience. We’ve worked with many different types of businesses and understand that secure IT services start with getting to know your business, industry, and challenges. The approach we take for your security will be as unique as your business. Together with our excellent response times, flexible service level agreements and competitive rates, you will have peace of mind with IQPC.

We have precautions and monitoring systems in place that we follow to ensure your data is always kept secure, you will always have peace of mind when your data is in our hands.

Do you offer training and support for our teams using IT systems and software?

Our team are skilled at delivering training both for groups and one on one. We like to talk about and share our passion for technology. Expect us to go the extra mile to get the most from your IT.

Employee training and awareness does play a critical role in the management of IT in your business, as errors and a lack of knowledge can often contribute to issues with systems and software. By educating employees about common issues and a process in which they can conduct some initial problem solving, businesses can significantly increase the productivity of their workplace.

Do you have a question that we haven’t answered yet? Or would you like to know more? Contact us today and we’ll get in touch. 

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