Kingman Visual

As one of the largest sign companies in Australia, Kingman Visual operate with a staff of around 50. They are a full in-house manufacturing company creating high quality and innovative commercial signage for the likes of Channel 9 and Perth Arena, out of their facility in Malaga.

Kingman visual have been a client of IQPC for over 15 years and in that time, they have grown from a small ad-hoc network to a system with over 40 computers operating with a high-end server solution.

One of the main ongoing challenges for Kingman Visual, is the very large storage capacity required for their day to day working activity. They work with very large image files that are often several hundred megabytes for a single image.

To accommodate for this and allow their staff to be able to work efficiently with minimal disruptions, a complete server replacement has recently taken place. The high-end server has been custom built by IQPC and individually engineered for the specifications of Kingman Visual. This single physical server has a storage capacity of over 16 terabytes and is running several Virtual Machines to cover all of their requirements that include Domain Controller, File Server, Exchange Server, 2 x Remote Desktop Servers.

Another challenge Kingman Visual have faced, has been their slow Internet connection. As they are located in Malaga, NBN was not scheduled for over 12 months and commercial Fibre was just such an exorbitant cost that couldn’t be squeezed into the budget for a relatively short timeframe, but the speeds they were getting were limiting their business efficiency. IQPC sourced and advised an option for Node 1 Fixed Wireless Internet. Since Kingman Visual have moved onto this new plan, they are getting speeds of 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload and their slow Internet is a thing of the past. Now their staff are much more satisfied and are able to perform with a much smoother workflow when it comes to handling their large image files.

Now that Kingman Visual have an efficient and well suited internal server infrastructure and a very fast Internet connection, the next stage of improving their IT strategy will be to migrate their extensive Exchange services into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. This project is scheduled for mid-2018.

As demonstrated above, Kingman Visual take a forward thinking, stepped approach to continual improvement in their IT infrastructure and business efficiencies. IQPC have worked closely with them to plan a strategy that addresses their main concerns in order of priority, that fits in with their budget and other business priorities.