T&Z Architects

T&Z Architects provides architectural, masterplanning and project management services across WA. With a staff of around 25, T&Z have a long relationship with IQPC and together, we have been improving their IT systems for over 10 years.

Because of the enormous demands that architectural software can place on computers and networks in general, IQPC has recognised the need to constantly monitor their systems and look for ways to improve efficiency. T&Z have been able to recognise the value of good IT infrastructure over time and have had many triumphs in terms of the improvements in their productivity. We have worked together to gradually replace servers and workstations as required and keep T&Z up to date with the demands of their industry and growth.

Since IQPC have been supporting T&Z, their IT has moved from a very small peer-to-peer environment to a much more complex network comprising of three physical “host” servers and six Virtual Servers to handle the ever-increasing workload.

Every two weeks IQPC visit T&Z to keep on top of any regular maintenance, which can include addressing any issues that have come up with staff and regularly keeping in touch with management to discuss their current and future needs so a strategy and plan is always in place for their growth.

T&Z have more recently had a need to replace several of their CAD workstations for running Revit – a very demanding CAD application with specific system requirements. It will run on a standard PC, but to get it to perform at its best, a specific type of hardware should be used. After investigating the Autodesk Certified Hardware list and Recommended System Requirements charts, a custom workstation was built to match these requirements and fit with the needs of T&Z. The end-result was some very happy and much more productive architects who are now the envy of the other staff!

T&Z are always looking for ways to improve their productivity, especially in regards to their IT. IQPC has been with them all the way to advise, supply, implement and manage these improvements and form their IT strategy with them going into the future. It really is amazing how many general business improvements can be made by keeping your IT in check!