Westbuild Products

Westbuild are a supplier of products to the building industry with a large network of stockists and an extensive distribution network from metropolitan to remote Western Australia. With a staff of around 12, they depend heavily on sound IT systems to reliably carry out their day to day business activity.

The servers Westbuild had in operation were getting quite old, and there was no centralised antivirus solution in place.

When IQPC initially assessed Westbuild, a plan was implemented to improve their systems gradually to fit in with their schedule and budget. A backup system was implemented and a suitable antivirus was installed which significantly improved their performance by removing unwanted software and several malware infections. Their drives were optimised and some faulty hardware and old computers were replaced.

During phase two, more recently, their existing server was replaced with a brand new powerful ‘Host’ Server running two Virtual Machines, a file server and Remote Desktop Services. A volume licensed Microsoft Office software system was arranged, so all staff could operate with the same, most up to date version of Office and a move to hosting their email in the cloud with Office 365 Business Essentials was implemented. This has vastly improved the overall storage capacity of their email, their remote access and most importantly, the reliability of the email system for Westbuild.

Westbuild are now operating smoothly and have peace of mind that all of their IT systems are running the way they should. They have noticed a huge improvement in performance in terms of speed and efficiency of their staff and their security is now at a level in which it should be.

Going forward, Westbuild have been largely problem free. They make contact if they need any specific additional work carried out, typically when they get new staff or they have general issues they need to troubleshoot.