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3 Benefits You Can Enjoy From Cloud-Based Backup Services

September 8, 2021

These days, having a physical backup on your premises is no longer enough. Companies, especially those that are smaller or have recently been established, sometimes do not have the time, effort, or budget to face issues such as ransomware, failing hardware, and cyber-attacks. 

Opting for a more effective and affordable cloud-based backup system is becoming a much better solution for many companies. As the name implies, these backup solutions all work in the cloud, allowing companies to outsource their backup needs to another company that dedicates their time, offering quality backup strategies and methods.

Are you interested in trying out a cloud-based backup system for your business? If so, here are the benefits you can enjoy;

1. Allows for Quick Recovery

It is more than likely, you are handling large amounts of data. Important documents, high-quality photos, long videos, just to name a few. As you may realise, storing them is only half the battle. The other half is the time spent trying to back the files up, not to mention moving that data back into the server should you need to restore them.

With a cloud-based backup solution, this process happens much quicker. Thanks to more reliable internet connections and automated tasks, backups can be done automatically without you even thinking about it. Once you need to recover the files, accessing the cloud is quick and straightforward, allowing you to quickly grab everything you need to restore your servers to their previous state.

2. Removes the Usual IT Burdens

Having your IT department deal with the backup of your server is a given, but this doesn’t mean it is something they love to do. It is a lot of work and time backing up servers, and in most cases, there are better things to do with that time. Plus, because backups can simply be automated, doing it manually can be seen as nothing more but a waste of time.

To maximise your time, opting for cloud-based services is a great idea. Not only can your IT provider get access to services that help make backing up a whole lot easier, but it frees up more of their time to tackle other important tasks that need to be done.

3. Dedicates the Task to Professionals

The thing with outsourcing your backups to a cloud-based backup service provider, is you’ll work with professionals who have dedicated their time and money to perfect the service. This is vastly different from keeping the task in-house, where your IT talents have to balance between various tasks to the best of their abilities.

In other words, outsourcing your backup needs to a specialist, will ensure you enjoy the best backup experience possible. These professionals have spent plenty of time understanding the best way to backup servers, along with investing in expensive hardware to facilitate the backups. 


Remember, a cloud-based backup service provider’s business runs on its ability to protect your data. You don’t have to worry too much about the well-being of your data because your success is their success. 

Just make sure to spend the time researching different backup service providers to ensure you work with the ones that offer you precisely what you need. If possible, look for ones that provide extra services like proactive maintenance, as this feature will help ensure further the safety of your backed up data!

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