3 Major Industry Clouds That Are Taking Over 2022

October 25, 2022

As we start to head towards 2023, it’s time to think about the trends that will define business IT solutions in the coming year. This can help your business take on the right investments to keep up with industry standards.

A big change we’re currently seeing is the shift towards industry clouds. Below, we break down the major industry clouds that are looking to take over.

What Is an Industry Cloud?

An industry cloud is a consortium of various cloud systems and technological tools that have been built to cater to a specific industry. The reason why this is better than other cloud solutions has to do with the variety of solutions and the higher level of innovation and personalisation.

Cloud services are intended for a more general purpose. Meanwhile, industry clouds combine the features of cloud software with other tools and business applications to serve a specific industry. You will see this suite host various services and software in order to achieve its goals, and every single application is optimised to serve the industry it was built for.

Financial Services

Cloud computing enables the distribution of applications and services across the Internet, which offers the potential for cost savings and increased flexibility. More importantly, this provides better regulation and security when combined with contemporary solutions.

The financial sector is seeing major adoption of industry cloud solutions, particularly because their needs are highly regulated. The high demand and sensitive nature of the financial industry make it so important to have cloud technology that actually has the capacity to meet demands, complex compliance requirements and evolving customer habits.

In particular, we are seeing industry cloud models that are making use of AI models that enable banks and agents to have more personalised engagement with their customers.


Nonprofits are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient. Because of their specific needs for creating awareness, generating donations, designing programs and executing community-based solutions, there has been a need for better digital services beyond the capacity of basic cloud computing.

This is why competitors like Microsoft and AWS are creating packaged industry clouds that are designed to cater to the nonprofit workflow. Organisations under this industry will more easily be able to connect with donors, manage volunteers and programs and secure essential data for productivity and results.


Healthcare is a very specific industry when it comes to cloud technology. For starters, it’s a big area that’s heavily fragmented between small to large companies (hospitals, doctors, health insurance agencies, and others). On top of that, any IT solution has to meet stringent regulatory compliance to ensure patient data is kept safe.

This demand is now expected to be met mainly through industry cloud technology. Consider how the pandemic exacerbated the need for virtual medical solutions, consultations, and healthcare platforms. The boom of telehealth will definitely see more traction from better cloud computing models that will enable different channels of healthcare to securely and efficiently be distributed.


With the need for more industry-specific solutions, it seems industry clouds are going to see a large share of technological movement and adoption in 2022. Every business considering their own growth should look into finding the right system for their industry.

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