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3 Signs Your Business Is Lacking in Quality IT Support

November 26, 2021

Every business leader must be a jack of all trades, especially when they’re just starting. Anyone who has ever launched a business understands the challenges of providing a good working environment and quality outputs on a small scale. However, the size of your company isn’t an excuse to settle for subpar IT support services.

If you’re already working with an IT company but aren’t sure if you’re receiving the support you need, then the signs below may help you determine whether it’s time to switch to a different IT team.

1. You’ve Suffered a Security Breach—More Than Once

Cybersecurity is vastly different from the security of your office. Installing a few CCTV cameras, monitored alarm systems, and indestructible locks may be good enough in keeping thieves at bay, but securing your business network isn’t a one-time project.

Just because you have cybersecurity measures in place doesn’t guarantee that you’ll no longer suffer from hacker attacks. If your sensitive data still gets accessed by an unauthorised individual, then you’re doing something wrong.

For your organisation to run and operate smoothly, it’s crucial to prioritise cybersecurity. Make sure to get better support and work with a company that can offer round-the-clock security for your confidential information.

2. Technical Difficulties Keep Delaying Meetings

No one is a stranger to occasionally unstable connections, but there may be a problem with your systems when it happens more often than not.

Although technical difficulties may not seem to be a top priority, they can significantly delay your meetings. When you try to calculate the total amount of time that poor internet connections have wasted, you may be surprised by the number!

If you’ve ensured that the internet provider did not cause your unstable connection, you may have an internal issue. Good business IT solutions can prevent this problem from happening again. With the right IT support team, your software won’t delay your meetings any longer.

3. You Spend Time Fixing IT Problems on Your Own

You may feel comfortable looking into and even solving IT problems at work, however, just because you’re familiar with troubleshooting doesn’t mean that you should deal with the IT needs of your business. IT is an enormous undertaking—what you think is a small task could consume a large chunk of your work hours and keep you away from other things that matter.

Many business leaders tend to attempt to solve tech-related issues on their own, mainly because of the cost of hiring a dedicated IT team. 

Lucky for you, many IT companies offer business IT solutions at a reasonable price. With a team providing IT support services, you can focus on other things that are crucial to your company’s growth.


No matter the kind of business you’re running, you must invest in the best IT support services. When you work with a good IT support team, you’ll be able to successfully grow your business and lay the foundation for scaling up. As long as you prioritise your business IT support, you’ll eventually be able to become an unshakeable presence in your industry.

If you’re looking for the best IT company to provide you with business IT support, our team at IQPC may just be who you need. As one of Perth’s leading IT companies, we will deliver unparalleled IT support to your business. Get in touch for a free IT review today.

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