6 Signs You Need Managed IT Services for Your Business

July 8, 2021

People rely on technology so much more these days, and often you have to team up with IT provider to create competitive advantages for your company. Here are some signs it’s time to find a partner for your business.

You Don’t Trust Your Company’s Technology

If your tech always breaks down and no one in your company can give you solutions, it’s time to look outward. A managed services partner will keep your technology up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The state of your technology is a direct reflection of them, so they’ll strive to always keep it in working order.

You Don’t Know How Tech Supports Your Goals

Most business owners are not IT professionals. Though they’re aware that they must invest in IT, they might not be aware of the nuances of buying and maintaining equipment. If you don’t know what state your tech is in or how it supports your business, you should get a service provider. An IT provider can maintain your platform and give you reports you can understand.

Your IT Costs Fluctuate Constantly

When you operate on a break-and-fix support model for your IT, you’re setting yourself up for failure. This does not progress your IT, and it also makes your bill impossible to predict. The more your tech fails, the higher the costs. Conversely, if you have a managed service provider, you have a fixed monthly fee for a set outcome.

Your IT Doesn’t Meet Standards

Often, offices have lingering IT “quirks” to contend with—for example, a printer that only works when you hold the wires a certain way or a router that needs to be in a specific spot to work. These are highly specific issues, so naturally, many business owners do not want to spend money attempting to fix these issues. However, if you outsource your IT, you are sure that they’ll find a way to keep your equipment working at an optimum level.

You Cannot Do Things In-House

Perhaps you had in-house support, but they have moved on or cannot cope with your business’s growing needs. In any case, managing your IT in-house isn’t working for you. Turning to outsourced providers is an excellent option. Managed providers can scale to your needs and be a part of your team without you hiring them!

Your Staff aren’t Satisfied With Office Tech

Finally, if your staff aren’t satisfied with the way your technology is working for them, you need to look into an IT partner. A good partner will have a service desk ready to respond to your concerns and resolve them. They will also know how to implement solutions that address the root of the problem.


When your tech is doing your company more harm than good, it’s time to invest in a good IT service provider. Having a partner can make your employees’ work more efficient, help your business meet its goals, and contribute to overall satisfaction in your company.

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