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6 Technology Trends to Be On the Look Out for in 2022

March 29, 2022

Thanks to the fast-paced development of technology, new IT trends are popping up every year, leaving much for IT professionals to work with. In 2022, a number of IT trends have been on the rise, paving the way for technology and business to continue merging.

These IT trends are becoming efficient solutions to today’s most pressing problems, particularly in the areas of cloud computing and cybersecurity. There are also several trends that detail the optimisation of IT in businesses.

Here are some of the exciting trends you can look out for in the coming year.

Responsible AI

AI has been a developing form of technology in recent years. With many apps and websites using AI integrations, it is only fair to assume that these AI use cases are only going to mature over time. As it faces much scrutiny, experts are refining AI technology to become more responsible.

This means adopting frameworks and best practices to develop improved AI solutions.

Advanced Edge Computing

Cloud computing is a widely used function in many businesses today. It does not help just IT organisations, but it also helps other industries such as governance and operating systems. It is believed that in the coming years, users will demand real-time processing and sovereignty for cloud centralisation.

Today, we are seeing an improvement in counterbalancing extreme cloud centralisation in edge computing and sovereign clouds. Hopefully, they will be more refined in 2022.

Cybersecurity Mesh

Cybersecurity threats are a pressing problem for many corporations, big or small. Network security calls for a more distributed approach instead of an all-encompassing one. Enter the cybersecurity mesh, a distributed approach that promises more flexible and reliable control over your digital platforms.

This cybersecurity mesh acts kind of like a protective wall securing the perimeter of your IT systems. Not only does it improve policy orchestration, but it also ensures cybersecurity is distributed.

Hybrid Connections

Another up and coming IT trend is the hybrid experience. With an ever-evolving digital terrain, the technological ecosystem has pushed businesses to develop digital-first experiences to ensure employees remain productive. It is also seen as a way for employers to find talent in cyberspace.

Aside from this, there is also a rise in hybrid, distributed ecosystems. This entails having multiple environments in which to distribute digital information.

Business and Technology

Experts predict that businesses will only seek to innovate faster in the coming years. This means the rise of composable and event-driven business matures.

Business technologists are also becoming more in demand as organisations strive to become more innovative in their IT efforts.

Embedded Data and Analytics

To make sure they are always on top of new trends and always be in the know, many companies are using embedded data and analytics to develop business strategies and find use cases for their digital solutions.

These embedded data and analytics have proven useful for making not only good business decisions, but rolling out effective financial, marketing and sales strategies as well. 


With time, IT will only develop to make our lives more efficient. Keeping up to date with IT trends will greatly help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions in their day to day life.

To make sure you are always in the know, partner up with an IT consultant today. At IQPC, we provide business IT solutions to help with pressing digital concerns. Consult with us today and get a comprehensive IT review for free.

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