Can your employees work from home?

March 10, 2020

There are so many benefits in enabling staff to work from home, and there’s never been a better time.

As well as employees potentially being less stressed, more productive and not wasting time on commuting; working from home can also reduce costs for employers, win-win!

We’ve come up with three simple ways that we can assist in setting your employees up at home. It’s probably a lot easier than you think, and having that flexibility available can take a lot of pressure off if any plans go awry! Work can and will carry on without any lost time if a little prior planning is undertaken.

Best 3 ways to set your employees up to work from home

1. Set up a cloud platform such as Office 365.

Implementing a cloud based platform such as Office 365 is virtually essential for business. Employees can work from any location with an internet connection, just as if they are logging in at the office. It’s seamless and easy. Implementation creates a productive, secure and easily scalable workforce.

2. Implement a cloud phone system.

Getting on board with a cloud based phone system is generally affordable, easy to install and simple to manage. Again, manageable from anywhere with an internet connection, cloud based phone systems are accessible to employees in any location. A low amount of service downtime and very few disruptions are a benefit also, just think of those painful office relocations in the past!

3. Introduce portable hardware.

Introducing as a minimum, hardware such as laptops and docking stations, is a must for any office. Employees can literally take their desk with them wherever it’s needed. Think of each workstation in your office, does it need an upgrade? If so, seriously consider going mobile, the cost really is insignificant compared to the amount of productivity on offer.

If you’ve got some questions about how best to setup your employees to work from home, give us a call. Alternately we can drop by to take a look at your IT setup and have a chat.

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