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Kingman Visual

Kingman visual have been a client of IQPC for over 15 years and in that time, they have grown from a small ad-hoc network to a system with over 40 computers operating with a high-end server solution.


  • Provide infrastructure to support the high storage capacity requirement of the industrial design images, accessible from anywhere
  • Upgrade to an enterprise-grade network to provide speeds suitable for modern collaboration
  • Migrate email to a managed cloud solution



High-end enterprise servers offering ultra-fast access to 16 terabytes of storage.


Secured remote desktop access.


Redundant, enterprise-grade fibre internet connected via next-generation firewall.


Local secure network infrastructure supporting high-transfer speeds.


An offsite backup solution capable of storing significant data needs in a secure data centre.


Migrate on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers to Microsoft Exchange Online.


Once Kingman Visual agreed on the proposed changes, they were implemented over the following phases:

  1. The relevant requirements were initially scoped to ensure suitable hardware and connectivity offered an optimal end-to-end experience. 
  2. Vendors were consulted and engaged to begin the fibre internet installation.
  3. Local network infrastructure was upgraded to provide a suitable network backbone.
  4. Server hardware was sourced, built and tested for performance before being installed as part of a staged upgrade to existing hardware.
  5. Load-balanced remote desktop servers were configured for access by staff through a secured gateway.
  6. On-premises Exchange email servers were integrated with Microsoft Exchange Online to facilitate the phased migration of staff mailboxes before decommissioning the on-premises server


$ Reduction

Direct cost-benefit

Upgrading the legacy server and network hardware provided tangible efficiency gains influencing staff productivity. This provided a direct cost-benefit of thousands of dollars per month through the increased turnaround of company projects.


Improved security

Increased security leveraged from the next-generation firewall and email services managed with Microsoft secure data centres.


Reduced downtime 

Improved resilience and disaster recovery correlate with reduced downtime during a disaster and the associated negative costs.

Knowing IQPC are only a phone call away is very reassuring, it is like they are an extension of our team. I would have no hesitation in recommending IQPC to anyone. They are incredibly knowledgeable and extremely friendly and just fantastic to deal with. No IT headaches here!


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