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Westbuild Products

Westbuild are a supplier of products to the building industry with a large network of stockists and an extensive distribution network from metropolitan to remote Western Australia. With a staff of around 12, they depend heavily on sound IT systems to reliably carry out their day to day business activity.


  • Resolve current and mitigate future cybersecurity threats.
  • Ensure IT systems are current and capable of supporting the growing business.
  • Migrate email to a managed cloud environment
  • Provide business resiliency in the event of any system failure.



Install a managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution


Upgrade to an enterprise-grade hardware platform with virtualised servers


Migrate email to Microsoft Exchange Online


Implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) system


Once Westbuild Products agreed on the proposed changes, they were implemented over the following phases:

  1. Conducted a security audit resulting in the removal and repair of comprised devices
  2. Installed and tuned a managed EDR solution to prevent future security breaches
  3. Designed, built and installed a new server platform utilising Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation running virtual machines offering file services, remote access and identity management.
  4. Integrated legacy on-premises Microsoft Exchange server with Microsoft 365 Exchange Online for a phased transition of staff mailboxes before decommissioning.
  5. Implemented offsite hourly server backups and provided availability to disaster recovery servers in the event of failure.



Improved security and reduced costs

The security breach cost for an SMB averages $30,000, and the likelihood increases by 25% annually. As a result of upgrading to a managed EDR, the business was helped to mitigate costly compromises.


Monthly savings

Leveraging modern hardware and server technologies provided improved business efficiencies calculated at a savings of $3200 monthly.


Saving per mailbox per month

Moving email to Microsoft Exchange Online datacentres provided a significantly cheaper alternative to hosting it on-premises. Exchange hardware requirements cost exceeding $10,000 plus ongoing maintenance, resulting in a TCO saving of $50 per mailbox per month.


Avoiding downtime costs of staff wages and loss of production 

The BCDR solution ensured the business could continue to function in an outage, avoiding downtime costs of staff wages and loss of production averaging $1200 per hour.

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