Cyber security considerations for staff working from home

April 5, 2020

There is an increased effort to have employees working from home lately and we’re here for it! Increased productivity and reduced stress, it’s a win-win, but are their home networks secure enough?

Once staff are at home, logging onto cloud applications on their own home Wi-Fi, they are outside the comfort and security of the office network. This can open the gates for additional security issues, or hacker attacks. Generally, a workplace can set up a secure VPN for work related data, but it is still a necessity for all staff to be educated on good cyber security practices.

It might seem like a drag, but safe practices in regard to cyber security can extend past work-related data and should be applied to everything an individual does online. Things like, working out how to spot a suspicious email, having proper password practices, completing software upgrades and having appropriate anti-virus and anti Malware software installed are just good habits.

How an individual behaves online, has been statistically proven to significantly contribute to data breeches or hacks. So, if information and training is constant and part of everyday online activity, the human behaviour element on these breeches, can be significantly reduced. It’s really just how business will operate today.

For assistance on how your business can develop a more defined strategy around cyber security and staff working from home, you may like to check out the Australian Cyber Security Centre website. They have developed a specific checklist for your business to consider incorporating.

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