Employee Safety – Staying Safe From Hackers

April 21, 2022

Hackers and other malicious entities do not stop even during holiday periods. At times, cybercrimes can be more rampant during  holiday seasons.

However, not all hope is lost. You can still protect your employees and keep your organisation safe from cyber attacks. In this article, we will discuss what you can do to keep your information and money secure:

Be Mindful of Where You Save Financial Information 

Shopping is one of the main activities done during holiday seasons. However, it is essential to note that big retail chains can also be subject to cyber-attacks. It might surprise some, but these stores are usually the most prominent targets of malicious third parties. It would be best if you always kept this in mind before giving your financial information to these online retailers.

Avoid Phishing Activities

It is best to be wary of the links you click during holiday periods. If you get an unsolicited email from a company and want to learn more about their product or service, you should always visit their legitimate website instead of clicking the link on their message. You must also avoid giving sensitive information via email.

Make Sure You Are Accessing Secure Websites

When you’re about to provide information to an online shopping website, make sure the data will be encrypted by looking for specific indications. This usually includes a URL that starts with “https” instead of “http” and a padlock icon on the address bar. Some hackers are experienced in making a fake padlock icon. As such, it is best to compare the URL and icon of an online shopping website with a safe one that you trust.

Use a Credit Card Instead of a Debit Card

Laws are enforced to limit a person’s liability for fraudulent credit card charges. Unfortunately, debit cards usually don’t have this level of protection. Since a debit card draws money directly from your bank account, hackers can make unauthorised charges, leaving you without any money to pay for necessities. When paying through gateways like PayPal and Apple Pay, you should always use a credit card, not a debit card.

Be Wary of Suspicious Mobile Shopping Apps

You must always be wary of the mobile shopping apps that you use. After all, some of them are scams that appear legitimate but only exist to collect sensitive information. It is best always to check what certain apps do with your data and how they keep it safe.

Only Purchase Gift Cards From Trusted Sources

You must always be alert when it comes to purchasing gift cards online. Ensure that you are always buying from a trusted source. You should also store it on a mobile wallet or online account that requires a password until the time comes for you to give it to the recipient. 

If you plan on sending the gift card online, always choose a method that is password protected. If you are the recipient, use the gift card immediately or register it and change the password.


Cybercrimes are incredibly common during holiday periods, which is why it is important to be as vigilant as possible during these times. By sharing these tips with your employees, you can be sure that they, and possibly the company resources, remain secure. If you want more information on how to protect yourself from cyber-attacks, set an appointment with IT consultants near you.

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