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How can your business benefit from a cloud hosted phone system?

December 18, 2019

Although email is so common in business, there’s nothing better than a 30 second phone call to resolve something instantly, rather than waiting two days to tick something off your to do list. The humble telephone is used in almost all business, but most are still operating on the old analogue system, relying on traditional telephone systems and completely missing out on the benefits of the integration of a cloud based system.

What is a cloud based system?

Cloud based or VOIP systems use the internet rather than the old copper lines. A cloud hosted server facilitates all of the activity between all of the devices connected on that system.

What are the benefits of a could hosted phone system?

  • Employees can use a mixture of traditional phone handsets, mobile phones, computers and other devices to make, receive and transfer calls.
  • Calls can be made from anywhere – home, other offices or work sites … even from a beach in Bali. They are all directed through the central office phone system.
  • Calls can be passed between employees seamlessly no matter where they are, just as if they are in the office.
  • The quality of the call is very high due to NBN and high quality cloud hosting
  • There are lower infrastructure costs. It’s not necessary to purchase and maintain a highly priced phone system (or even handsets if everyone uses their computer or mobile) in the office. Simply a low monthly fee is charged instead.
  • It’s very mobile. Need to move office? No need to move your phone system or setup a new one.
  • There are advanced phone system features built in, such as auto attendant, after hours voice to email. Your business automatically looks and sounds professional.
  • There is no reliance on your local internet connection. If it goes down, you simply use mobile data.
  • Calls are usually considerably cheaper than traditional PSTN systems.

Consider implementing a cloud based phone system, or at least start the conversation, it’s something that is so beneficial to any business. It’s cost saving, more productive, scalable, reliable and portable. You might also get the added benefit of better customer service form your provider. With more employees going remote and working from varying locations, it’s definitely worth seeing how easy it is to switch!

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