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How to Solve 3 Common IT Issues

June 30, 2021

Often, those who work at a small to medium business need to wear multiple hats. From business development to operations, marketing, sales, and even fulfilment, everything falls on a small team of employees. If you add IT needs in that mix, things can be a little too much. If your organisation is not part of the IT industry, training to handle data and tech can be challenging, especially for a small business. Here are typical IT related pain points that can be experienced by SME’s.

Having Little Manpower

If your company is small, you have to balance hiring enough people and managing costs. What’s more, hiring IT specialists in-house is only the beginning—a company’s many internal and external tech concerns can easily overwhelm a small company.

If the team cannot respond to colleagues or clients in time, it could affect operations and customer satisfaction. And that’s on a regular day—if you have emergencies like data breaches, network failures, or sudden surges in requests, your IT team cannot afford to have a slow reaction time. It could affect your business’ branding, which could hurt your profits.

Managed IT services can help you take on a large volume of IT concerns. If you outsource your tech support, your IT team can handle crucial matters like managing servers, updating your network, and handling data security.

Suffering Data Loss

Data is wealth today, and most companies online know this. Unfortunately, it leads to unscrupulous individuals exploiting data vulnerabilities and stealing other companies’ data. SME’s are at particular risk for data loss since they might not have the infrastructure to prevent or contain security breaches.

Fortunately, a small business can prevent these issues. Your IT Team needs a business continuity plan—managed IT providers can help you with creating one. A continuity plan ensures that your data has regular backups, preventing loss of productivity after an accident or a disaster.

Ensuring Accessibility

Small and medium businesses must also ensure accessibility to their employees. Since many companies still have work-from-home arrangements, all team members must have access to necessary data. Developing, implementing, and launching a cloud-based data management system is one way to provide employees with the information they need even if they aren’t in the office. 

Doing this in-house can be taxing to a small business. It can consume your team’s resources and time, which leads to burnout and decreased productivity. You can prevent this from happening by allowing a third-party company to handle it for you. When you outsource the building and launching of your data management system, you can reduce your maintenance and hardware expenses. Also, outsourcing means you will have 24/7 support for your system, complete with management and reporting tools.


If you have a small to medium business, managing your company’s IT can be a little overwhelming. If your business is experiencing any of these pain points, an outsourced service provider can help. Getting a third-party provider lets you customise the services and features of your IT plan, reduce your costs, and make your internal operations more efficient.

Let IQPC handle your company’s IT needs. We provide managed IT services in Perth, helping businesses with everything from tech support and troubleshooting to cloud migration, backups and disaster recovery, and office relocations. Get your free business IT review today, or contact us for other enquiries!

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