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Is your business still waiting for NBN? Here are some alternatives

May 1, 2018

Cloud computing is a fantastic option if you have a fast Internet connection, however, you might be one of many other Perth businesses that are up to two years away from accessing the NBN. We’ve decided to outline a few alternatives to the NBN if you simply can’t wait for faster broadband.

Fixed Wireless

Fast, reliable and no phone line necessary. If you’re lucky enough to be within a service area, this can be a relatively inexpensive way to get NBN broadband speeds. Local Perth company Node1 provides coverage to many of Perth’s central and northern suburbs.

This technology can provide similar speeds to NBN connections – in some cases even faster – for only slightly more than the cost of a standard ADSL connection.

Business-Grade Fibre

Telstra and Vocus offer Business-grade fibre connections in some areas which provide far superior speeds than a standard ADSL connection, but it doesn’t come cheap. Monthly costs can range between $500 and $1500 a month, but for this, you’ll get a very high-speed connection with the added advantage of the speeds being ‘symmetrical’, so the same speed applies to both uploads and downloads.

For example, your ADSL connection might provide 100Mbps download speeds, but only 40Mbps upload, but, a business-grade fibre connection might be able to provide 50Mbps download and similarly 50Mbps upload = less frustration and confusion.

Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

This service can provide similar speeds to a business-grade fibre, but can be installed where fibre is not already available. This technology utilises multiple telephone lines to provide a single fast broadband connection.

Fibre is always superior, but in some cases, you will find that it’s simply not available. EoC provides speeds of up to 45Mbps download and upload, with a cost that is comparable to a business-grade fibre.

There are so many things that can affect your broadband speed, however it’s good to know there are a couple of options out there that can give you a bit of a lift before the NBN heads your way.

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