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Huntress Security Awareness Training

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Onboarding and on-going security awareness training (SAT) for your team. Includes lessons, phishing simulations and reporting.

Don’t Become a Cyber Attack Statistic

Empower your employees to identify and report cyber threats with engaging, story-driven lessons that are fully managed by Huntress. Admins love it. Learners love it. Hackers hate it.

Old-school security awareness training programs don’t cut it anymore. Maintaining them takes a ton of work, and they don’t actually make you more secure.

Huntress Security Awareness Training is different. Deployment takes just minutes and can be fully managed by our security experts – from lesson curation to managed phishing simulations. You can also manage it internally with little effort. Our series of memorable, story-based episodes from award-winning animators keep learners engaged and ensure security awareness lessons are retained.

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