The Advantages of Business Phone Systems for SMEs

March 22, 2022

As a start-up company, you may still be holding on and using some of your personal valuables in order to keep things up and running. Sure, you may have moved to an official office space that will accommodate your productivity; however, the same upgrade wasn’t applied to your communication channels yet. You are still using your personal number for business calls and client proposals.

While there isn’t anything wrong with that in general, the truth is that, sooner or later, you will have to establish an official business phone system; a contact detail that will be indicated on your official calling cards.

While it may seem comfortable to stick with your personal number for business calls, there are actually a lot of advantages when using a business phone. Yes, it will require extra fees and a new set of utility bills every month, but the thing about official venture numbers is that they often add legitimacy to your company, something that you desperately need during the humble beginnings of your business.

If you want to know more about their other benefits, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of examples below for your reference.

You Will Be Able to Project a Professional Image

A business phone system that follows the format of legitimate companies will make your venture look trustworthy and establish a signature feel that your clients and customers may be able to identify with in the long run. If your company has one definite business number, you are more likely to be called by those clients who are in need of a trusted source of products and services, something that personal phone lines may not be able to attract.

Remember, this certain step is crucial as it will either make or break your chances of establishing a professional image.

You Will Be Able to Implement Privacy and Security

Business phones are for communicating with your clients and customers. If you are going to use your personal line for that task, you may end up putting their privacy at risk as one wrong dial may divulge their personal information as well. Make sure to acquire a business phone system if you want to protect and secure their details, such as the confidential details of your company.

This is very important, especially in a day and age where there are a lot of scams that usually get their victims through phones and social media platforms.

You Will Be Able to Separate Business from Leisure

If a major client or investor were to ask for your personal number as a sign of goodwill that extends beyond work hours, then, by all means, feel free to provide them with that. However, during work hours and interactions, you must solely use your business phone systems so that you will be able to separate business from pleasure.

Set your boundaries so that there would be no bias when it comes to business decisions, and neither would there be any favouritism amongst your investors and major clients. If you overlook this pointer, you might as well prepare for conflict along the way.


Business phone systems are important, especially for small businesses. Besides establishing a legitimate and professional image, you will also be able to implement privacy and security and segregate leisure from business matters.

If you are still using your personal number for venture transactions, avoid doing it further and apply for a business phone system for your company. Trust us; you may be able to gain more clients by establishing an identity of complete professionalism and efficiency.

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