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The Most Common Myths When It Comes to Managed IT Solutions

June 3, 2022

There are countless misconceptions about what managed IT is and how it works: Is it a service? Is it a solution? We’ve heard all sorts of inquiries about it, yet some answers are vague because it isn’t really a mainstream method amongst industries.

In such a case, it is always better to separate fact from fiction; that is why it is also an excellent choice to know about the misconceptions to avoid the pitfall of noting and spreading them as facts.

Here are just a few examples that you should be aware of with that in mind.

It Is the Same as Outsourcing

Unlike outsourcing, when you hire a company to manage your IT, they will have knowledgeable professionals on the team that can help your company maintain its IT environment.

It Is Not Cost-Effective

Managed IT is akin to you paying the price for a solution. You’ll be spending a flat monthly fee, regardless of what issues you encounter. It’s more flexible and cost-effective as your needs are met.

It Is the Same as Managed IT

IT support and managed IT have different goals. Managed IT is more of a long-term service wherein it is more of a partnership between you and the company you have hired. The company would work together with you in maintaining your IT infrastructure.

It Can Burn Up Your Budget

It’s true that managed IT is more expensive than separate managed services. However, it does not mean that it is too costly. Managed IT is more cost-effective as long as you can negotiate for discounts.

It Is Not a Good Option for Companies with a Limited Budget

Managed IT can be a solution for small companies. It is convenient for SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) to circumvent the inefficiencies of operating their systems. Plus, it is more cost-effective for smaller companies because you don’t have to hire a separate IT team.

It Is Not Good for Expanding Businesses

Managed IT is a flexible solution. It has options for small, mid-sized and large businesses. It is scalable and can be a smart choice for expanding companies.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; managed IT is a viable solution for your technology needs.

It Is Not a Service

Just like how your ability to go to the grocery store is dependent on your car, which has its own maintenance and service, the same concept applies to managed IT. As with other services, managed IT requires maintenance and service, too.

It Is Not a Business Continuity

When you purchase managed IT, you will see a growing list of services and support that you can utilise. Just like how you hire a moving company to move your furniture and other items, the same concept applies to managed IT. Managed IT is an all-inclusive service that covers more than just the equipment and helps you to manage your IT infrastructure.


If you have been wondering if managed IT is right for you, you may want to consider the points discussed above. The bottom line is, managed IT is not a myth. It is a service that can address the inefficiencies of small business owners, especially when it comes to the management of their systems.

Unlike other IT solutions, managed IT is more like you’re outsourcing your IT needs, except that the company is more reliable because they are already trained in dealing with IT problems. Take note of the misconceptions above and debunk them with their equivalent facts and explanations with your peers in the industry.

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