Top 6 Advantageous Characteristics of Cloud Computing

January 4, 2022

Top 6 Advantageous Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply the delivery of services through the internet, whether that be data storage, data retrieval, video streaming, networking, or software. This allows businesses to perform more efficiently. Cloud computing is one of the biggest IT trends in 2021. Industries across the board are recognising its many benefits.

1. Remote Accessibility

Cloud computing allows employees and clients to access projects, files, and applications from anywhere. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of having to work on-site with specific devices. This also does away with having to transfer files. It’s all automated and done in real-time.

2. Disaster Recovery

Your data is more secure compared to traditional file storage. Traditional file storage involves procuring sufficient hardware and space for said hardware to store copies of all your data. This requires the attention of employees to maintain a reliable network infrastructure, and adequate bandwidth. Even then, physical damage to the hardware like water damage or fires can result in catastrophic loss of data.

With cloud computing, there is no physical location nor hardware to maintain. Cloud servers have copies of the data, so if one file becomes lost or corrupted, it can be replaced by an intact copy. There is no need to stress over whether the hard disks can be salvaged. As long as you have a device that can access the internet, you can rebuild. Data recovery can be done as quickly as your internet speed allows.

3. Scalability

Cloud computing is much more flexible than traditional IT infrastructures. Scaling up your traditional IT infrastructure is an expensive and complicated task. Running out of storage on traditional infrastructure will force you to rent or buy another server, purchase more software licenses, and hire more people to manage the new servers. Not so with cloud computing! Cloud servers can be scaled up instantly depending on your needs. This is cheaper compared to the traditional method and saves you time as well.

4. Increased Efficiency

Employees and clients alike can easily monitor, access, review, and edit files and projects quickly and effectively with cloud computing. Teams can set up meetings online and collaborate on projects in real-time instead of passing components back and forth. This reduces bottlenecks in your operations.

5. Software Updates Availability 

Software updates are predictable. They happen exactly when they’ll inconvenience you the most. Usually when there’s a deadline looming over you and you just need to make one quick but crucial revision. Cloud software will automatically update. This frees up your IT staff from having to manually update your devices and you from update headaches.

6. Environmentally Friendliness

Fewer papers mean fewer trees cut down. Reduce your paper consumption drastically by embracing the cloud. Additionally, cloud computing will mean you throw away fewer electronics, which are difficult to recycle and are destined for landfills. Using cloud servers consumes less energy compared to traditional IT infrastructure as well. Protecting the environment benefits us all. 


Cloud computing is an affordable service that will rapidly pay for itself in terms of money saved. It will allow for growth and increase company efficiency. Businesses looking to expand would be wise to get a cloud computing service. 

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