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Top Cloud Computing Trends to Look Forward to

May 9, 2022

The world changed drastically during the pandemic, and business became different from what everybody was used to. Many establishments and companies shifted entirely to remote work, which necessitated an upgrade in their infrastructure. And today, many have adopted cloud computing to provide robust digital services. 

Cloud computing offers many benefits to employees, business owners, and customers alike. Thus, it will continue to develop and grow in the succeeding years. There are seemingly endless innovations made possible with high-end technology, and all industries worldwide are expected to benefit one way or another.

Serverless processes, AI computing, and massive cloud development are a few of the top trends we can look forward to in cloud computing. To further understand cloud computing, read on as this article explains each trend.

AI in Cloud Computing

Does your company need business IT solutions for your everyday operations? If so, you will need a reliable cloud computing system for a smooth and convenient process. Most machines these days need high data bandwidth and power to work. Luckily, anyone can have this through cloud data centres.

Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing are inseparable. Many experts believe that the full adoption of AI and cloud computing will happen in 2022. Language modelling and innovative algorithms are two of the latest trends to expect in AI in 2022. In line with that, cloud computing will play a big part in establishing infrastructure to deliver these services.

Massive Cloud Development

In 2020, global spending on cloud services reached $313 billion. Professionals expect a massive increase to these numbers of up to $480 billion in 2022, largely because most, if not all, digital services depend on cloud computing infrastructure.

The continuous development of faster networks provides cloud computing different data that anyone can access. This trend is noticeable among cloud gaming platforms like Amazon Luna and Google’s Stadia.

Aside from that, experts also foresee the development of VR/AR (Cloud Virtual and Augmented Reality) in 2022. These developments could result in more affordable and portable headsets. In other words, cloud technology exists to make other innovations more accessible, faster, and lighter.

The Rise of Serverless

One of the new concepts to expect in 2022 is the serverless cloud. And it will gain massive traction among IBM Cloud Functions, Amazon, and other similar providers. 

“Functions-as-a-service” is another term that refers to the serverless cloud. It shows that organisations have a wide range of choices for data bandwidth and storage.

But take note that a serverless cloud does not mean a company will not use any server. There are still servers; the only difference is that it is another interface between the platform and the user. In other words, users don’t need to work with complex technicalities and configurations any longer.


Cloud computing is an essential factor to easily adapt to a remote and data-driven work environment. In the past two years, enterprises adopting cloud computing have significantly exploded. Since world technology constantly improves, cloud computing is a reliable choice to ensure that your establishment will remain competitive.

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