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Transitioning to Digital, How to Find an IT Provider

July 28, 2021

Businesses are quickly learning that digital transformation is necessary to stay competitive in today’s market. Without the proper digital channels, companies can’t engage, keep up with and appeal to today’s more technologically advanced clients. For this reason, it’s vital to reinforce the IT needs of your business. This is a transition you can only take on with the right IT experts.

Finding the Right IT Provider

Besides the need to maintain a solid online presence through digital platforms, you must also secure all interactions made digitally. This includes sending email correspondence to your customers or requesting banking details for online transactions. These online interactions always have a risk of going wrong, whether by technical limitations or through forced actions from cybercriminals. This is why it’s vital to work with an IT provider to reinforce your IT infrastructure.

In this article, we’ll share three qualities you should assess in an IT provider.

1. Online Reputation

Like any B2B service, you need to look at their portfolio to consider if they’re a good fit for your business. Instead of focusing your research on the credibility and qualifications that they present on their website, look at what other platforms can say about them. Looking at their Google My Business profile, LinkedIn account, and other third-party review sites can give you an idea of their actual service quality. Listen to what previous and current clients are saying about them and, if you can, confirm the authenticity of these claims. If your chosen IT provider works with many reputable businesses, or has many long term clients, there’s a high chance they’re a reliable choice for you.

2. Business Model

Part of creating your shortlist of IT providers, should be is assessing their business model. This includes checking their business model to see if it aligns with your business strategy. For example, is the service you’re hiring primarily a reactive role or will they provide constant monitoring through weekly meetings to address your IT issues? Determining these steps in their business model will give you insight if they’re a compatible fit for your company.

Besides looking at their organisational structure and processes, you must also be critical of their company culture. It’s one thing to choose an IT provider based on their skill and another to hire them based on their culture. If you have conflicts with their business attitude, you should expect conflicts to arise later on. This is why it’s vital to work with an IT provider who has the same kinds of values as your business. The risk could be that you may end up working with a company simply for their output, which is an unhealthy practice regardless of what service you’re getting them for.

3. Contract Terms

If you’ve trimmed your options down to the ones with the most effective business model, your final task is to gauge their contract terms. All business transactions will involve the terms and conditions specific to all parties. Although a service package may seem great now, you could be in trouble if you don’t review get-out and auto-rollover clauses. Consider your options wisely on these specific sections, especially if you’re not yet committed to sticking to one service. This gives you a chance to leave the partnership on fair terms without causing harm to either party.


Successful businesses all point to collaboration as the key determinant of their success. This is why no business achieves a high level of success without developing their business partnerships. Working with an IT provider is an excellent solution to reinforce your company’s transition to digital transformation.

If you want to work with local IT consultants in Perth, consider calling us. We can provide flexible IT support services to guide your business’s transition to digital transformation. Contact our team today!

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