WA robot builds a house in 3 days!

February 21, 2019

WA is really upping the anti in the technology stakes at the moment! You might have seen that we have our very own bricklaying robot right here in Western Australia, but it keeps acing the tests like a boss!

The latest is that this amazing robot has not only built an entire 3×2 house in just three days, but it’s also being tested to withstand the harsh outdoor elements that don’t usually go hand in hand with building projects, such as harsh winter whether and night time lighting.

Built from a 3D model back in November 2018, the structure has met relevant building standards and is on the track for commercialisation after testing has moved outdoors this year.

This is such an amazing way of simplifying a process, that just works. Typically, labourers and brick layers can spend weeks transporting and laying individual bricks – back breaking work. With these advancements in technology, safety concerns and injuries can be minimised by removing these elements of heavy lifting and wastage is reduced by by managing the materials in a more efficient way. Obviously this process is quicker and can also accommodate extreme accuracy due to being able to prefabricate materials.

With the Hadrian X as it’s called, a truck brings the pre-cut bricks to the site and the robotic attachment meticulously lays them into position via an arm until the structure is completed.

So far, the Hadrian X’s can lay one brick every 45-55 seconds, but they hope to increase this to a rate four times as fast! That is a quick turnaround for a house if you ask us!

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