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Why you should always use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA!)

June 25, 2020

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to type in a code in addition to a password when logging in to an online service. It’s bad enough that we have to remember a bunch of logins, passwords and pin numbers, now we have to find a stupid code in our email or phone app, right?

Well there is a VERY good reason this is good practice! It is probably the single best way to protect you and your business from fraud, blackmail, identity theft and a whole bunch of other nasty cyber-crimes.

The current (and continuously on-going) cyber-attacks on Governments and organisations highlight the need for everybody to step-up and implement basic security measures such as MFA. The benefits greatly out-weight the minor inconvenience which is really not much worse than having to lock your car when you park it.

What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Although it might not have happened to you before, passwords can easily be compromised, it happens more often than you might think. When signing in to an application, MFA increases the security of your account, by requesting multiple forms of verification to prove your identity. It could include things like email codes, SMS codes or phone calls to name a few of the many alternatives. The more checks in place, the more secure an account is, but some people might not be applying this method as much as they should, as it can become a little onerous.

The Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

Some of the benefits of MFA include:

  • Better security for customers and employees
  • Simplification of logins – it might take longer to long in initially, but once you’ve logged on using MFA, you might find you don’t need to log into individual apps.
  • Improved trust due to extra security checks
  • Reduced operating costs from data breaches to service fees

MFA is becoming a standard offering for most of the bigger companies we might deal with on a daily basis. We recommend EVERYBODY uses MFA on ALL online accounts ALWAYS. If the online service doesn’t provide this option then maybe it’s time to consider changing to one that does!

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