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Will your phone lines be disconnected with the shift to the NBN?

September 26, 2019

Original copper phone services have this month commenced shut downs as part of the transition to the NBN, is your business ready?

With the move toward NBN, phone lines across Australia will need to make the switch from a copper line to an Internet based connection, which can take up to six weeks to complete. This will affect every house and business by 2022. Have you planned your switch yet?

We would suggest looking into a cloud based system (“IP Phone System”) that suits your business as soon as NBN is available to your area, which will minimise any interruptions when it’s crunch time.

There are many different options available for all business types and sizes and assessments can be made based on what you are already using.

Feel free to get in contact if you’d like some guidance. We can deliver amazing advanced features to your customers and staff and unify your communications across all your offices, staff and devices – wherever they are!

Please remember, it’s not a case of IF you have to do anything … but WHEN.

It’s definitely worth planning now so you can budget for this nation wide change and minimise disruptions to your business, so please feel free to book in a review and we can make recommendations, specific to your business.

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