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Diabetes WA

Diabetes WA works to educate, inform, support and advocate on behalf of the thousands of West Australians living with diabetes.


Diabetes WA had complex business applications running on legacy hosted servers and networks and just wanted a simple solution that would tick all the boxes and allow them to run their business smoothy.


An overview of the Diabetes WA system was undertaken. Our technicians decided the following was required to be undertaken:


IQPC shifted Diabetes WA to a PAYG model for customized IT solutions, ensuring continuous visibility and system enhancement.


Carried out the planning and deployment of a network available to all their offices and sites.


Setup, manage, and migrate an on-premises package management system for internal OS deployment.


Migrating servers on-premises reduced costs and streamlined planning for cloud adoption of in-house applications.


Installation of Meraki cloud managed edge routers with VOCUS enterprise level internet connectivity


Once Diabetes WA agreed on the proposed changes, they were implemented over the following phases:

Installation of the on-premises servers for identity and application services (2018 2Q)

Setup of the Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager SOE with network-based install (2018 3Q)

 Installed Cisco Meraki routers at three sites offering next generation security and manageability (2018 4Q)

Migration of user data to OneDrive Personal folders (2019 2Q)

Facilitate remote working from home access (2020 1Q)

Setup hybrid Intune device management for application installation (2020 3Q)

Migrate device policies and SOE deployment to Azure (2021 3Q)
Setup and migration of print management server to Azure (2021 4Q)



Monthly Cost Reduction

Achieved a monthly cost reduction of approximately $2,000 for low end hosted servers to zero after 18 months (based on up-front cost of on-premises servers)


Increase in network performance

A 2000% increase in network performance to the on-premises server (based on the original internet bandwidth of 40mb)


internet bandwidth improvement

Achieved a greater than 25x internet bandwidth improvement to cloud services

$ Reduction

Reduction in IT support costs

A reduction in IT support costs for device installation and resetting


Improved cloud application

Improved cloud application selection when off-boarding from the on-premises server

Having been paying through the roof for a service we knew we needed but weren’t sure represented value for money. We were reluctant to switch suppliers but knew we had to make a change. Going from an initial review with IQPC with simplified strategies through to implementation, we decided it sounded logical and made the decision to go ahead. It has been the best decision, we are running much more efficiently, have limited and easy to fix issues and have saved money as well. It’s worth the initial audit to see what changes you need to make and what it can do for your business.


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