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People With Disabilities Western Australia

PWdWA advocates for the rights and empowers the voices of people with disability in Western Australia. IQPC had been providing general support for many years and making recommendations.


  • People with Disabilities Western Australia (PWDWA) had on-premises server hardware that was coming to end of its life and needed to be replaced.
  • They required options to fix issues associated with experiencing complex and costly terminal service requirements for accessing internal files and applications.
  • A leased office segregated the wireless network, adding complexity when accessing internal services across this network.


An overview of the PWDWA system was undertaken. The following was carried out:


IQPC had been providing general support for many years and making recommendations. Recently, they were moved exclusively to the cloud.


Their device management was migrated to Azure.


The IIS/SQL web application was migrated to an Azure hosted virtual server.


An upgrade of the router to a Meraki cloud-managed next generation device.


Once PWDWA agreed on the proposed changes, they were implemented over the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Migration of data to OneDrive/SharePoint
  • Phase 2: device management to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Phase 3: Migrate the web application server to Azure virtual server



Seamless transition to remote working 

When the COVID pandemic first occurred, all staff were able to immediately and seamlessly work remotely.

$ Reduction

Ongoing savings

PWDWA were able to leverage the Microsoft Not-For-Profitrebates. They received significant upfront savings by not needing to purchase new server hardware, and ongoing savings with the low-cost licensing and Azure hosting credits.


Improved security

PWDWA experienced improved security using Microsoft managed services.


Significant amount of time saved

On an ongoing basis, proactive improvements within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem are made possible. A significant amount of time can be saved by not needing to maintain on-premises hardware and systems.

We are very pleased with the services we have received from IQPC. We have realized the benefits of being an adaptable business, which has been particularly relevant over the past few years. We have been made aware of various rebates and discounts that are available to not for profits that we would have otherwise never have know about. IQPC has saved us a lot and streamlined many of our processes. We will continue to revise the IT systems within our business with IQPC on an ongoing basis.


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