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Why You Should Back Up Your Own Files When Using Office 365

March 14, 2022

For those looking for one of the best productivity app suites available in the market, the Office 365 solution is one you cannot go wrong with. The best thing about the suite is that there’s no need to worry about maintenance, meaning everyone from individuals to even the government can use the software without any concerns. After all, Office 365 is managed by Microsoft, and they should be working hard to manage the software for you. However, if you assumed that Microsoft would be responsible for backing up and protecting all of your data, you’d be wrong.

It has been an all too common myth that Microsoft is responsible for your data. You are responsible for your data while they’re busy managing the infrastructure.

With that being said, let us talk about the various situations that impact data integrity, all of which point to the fact that you need to be backing up your data:

Security Breaches

Probably the worst thing that can happen to your business is a security breach. In this case, anything can happen, whether it be data getting encrypted, stolen, deleted, or anything else. If you believe that your business is too small to be targeted, think again. You are just a big of a target as anyone else, and for that reason, backups are vital to ensure if any breach occurs, you can quickly restore everything to keep your business going. On the other hand, if you didn’t have your data backed up by then, chances are you’ve just lost countless amounts of data that you cannot recover anymore. Of course, the repercussions don’t only affect you. It also affects your customers should their data be compromised in the process.

Accidental Deletion

Accidents happen, and this includes accidentally deleting files for work. In fact, this accident happens more commonly than you realize, and it is responsible for almost a third of data loss experienced by companies. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can fish the file out of the recycling bin. However, it takes an average of about four months for anyone to notice a file’s missing. By then, that recycling bin might just be emptied, especially knowing that Office 365 only retains data for around three months. Backing up data often helps to ensure that there’s still a backup somewhere to restore the file even if a file is deleted permanently.

Employee Turnovers

Generally, employee turnovers are not a problem. They happen, and every company experiences them. However, trouble happens when a company forgets to recover something lost because the employee’s account has been closed. This can lead to days of trying to recover the account and the data associated with it. Because of this, backups are a vital thing to do. It ensures business continuity despite any loss of data due to employee turnover.


Data loss is a prevalent problem in all companies, and the only way to solve this problem is to have backup plans to restore the data. Sure, some actions can be taken to reduce the risk of losing the files in the first place, but they will inevitably happen. When using Office 365, it is vital that you implement backups to ensure that should anything go wrong, your files are still safe and sound. Remember, it is your responsibility to back up your files, and Microsoft is just there to maintain the infrastructure and offer the suite to you!

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